Aelvborgspipes 440 Hz

arvidsson-instr-3This instrument is a pipe intended for folk music. It is basically a traditional 6-hole g-minor pipe, but I have extended it with a 7th finger hole for a low f#. I have also supplied it with a hole for right hand thumb. These additions make the instrument rather alike a treble recorder except for the lowermost tone.

It has a smoky sound similar to traditional pipes, and can also be played as a 6-hole pipe, if the added holes are not used. It has a range from #f4 to g6, and most cross- fingering for semitones function as on a treble recorder. It is tuned with A=440Hz and built in two parts of maple wood.

Other sizes of this instrument are also available: A descant in A, and a tenor in D (built in three parts, see images below).