Tenor recorder MT 440 Hz



This is a modern instrument I have developed to meet extreme needs in contemporary music. It has a full resonant timbre in the low range much alike some renaissance instruments. Its total range is from C4 to G6 with normal baroque fingering. Keys of very high quality are used for C4 and C#4.

I build the instrument preferably in maple wood but other kinds of wood are also possible. It is tuned to A=440 alt. 442 Hz.

It is possible to extend the number of keys with one or two to achieve a B3 and to close the bottom end opening. Equipped with all keys the instrument will have a chromatic range from B3 to G6 and many options for playing sub semitones.

RA Flutes 440 Hz


This instrument type is a new kind of recorder, without any historical prototypes. It is invented, designed and developed by me.

The RA-flute type recorder sounds very much like a renaissance recorder, but plays like a baroque recorder. It has a very stable and loud low register and a range of more than two octaves. It is a pronounced soloist instrument.

So far it has proved to be suitable for playing music from the medieval and renaissance epoch and Nordic folk music.

I build the instruments mainly in boxwood and in three sizes: soprano in c5, alto in g4 and alto in f4, and tuned to A=440 Hz.

Aelvborgspipes 440 Hz

arvidsson-instr-3This instrument is a pipe intended for folk music. It is basically a traditional 6-hole g-minor pipe, but I have extended it with a 7th finger hole for a low f#. I have also supplied it with a hole for right hand thumb. These additions make the instrument rather alike a treble recorder except for the lowermost tone.

It has a smoky sound similar to traditional pipes, and can also be played as a 6-hole pipe, if the added holes are not used. It has a range from #f4 to g6, and most cross- fingering for semitones function as on a treble recorder. It is tuned with A=440Hz and built in two parts of maple wood.

Other sizes of this instrument are also available: A descant in A, and a tenor in D (built in three parts, see images below).


Listen to the instruments

Stanesby treble recorder, a=415 Hz

(Kerstin Frödin & Urban Westerlund)

Voice Flute

(Kerstin Frödin & Urban Westerlund)

RA flute, soprano in c

(Kerstin Frödin)

RA flute, alto in f

(Göran Månsson)

Aelvborgspipes, alto in g

(Göran Månsson and Kim Persson)